Jazira wisata Profile

PT. Jazira Halal Wisata is an Umrah travel agent that has been serving Umrah departures since 2013 and has been registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Religion as Umrah Travel No. 6223/2023. We provide Regular Umrah & Plus Umrah Packages with Departure Guarantee & Quality Hotels, as well as Halal Restaurants in various visiting countries through trusted vendors.

Our Commitment


PT. Jazira Halal Wisata has an impeccable reputation for service personal or group. The quality and value that has gone through long journey and comprehensive database backed up with experience in the Umrah and marketing industry so many years. For more than 10 years, he has been carrying out Umrah, especially Umrah plus halal tourism to various countries and has dispatched and served thousands of Umrah pilgrims.

Turning Travel Into a Memorable Experience

We deliver more than just travel. We provide an immersive and authentic experience, inviting you to explore Islamic cultural heritage and spirituality in depth. With the guidance of leading scholars and useful social activities, every trip with us becomes more meaningful and meaningful.

More Than Just Business: Optimal Service that is Sincere from the Heart

At PT. Jazira Halal Wisata, service is not just about business, but about building deep emotional bonds with every pilgrim who entrusts their sacred journey to us. We believe that optimal service involves more than just transactions, but also forming cherished memories and genuine bonds at every step of the journey. We consider ourselves true travel partners, putting our hearts into every step we take. Every congregation is family to us, and we are committed to providing services that exceed expectations. We at PT. Jazira Halal Wisata believes that optimal service is not only about providing a smooth trip, but also about helping you feel peace, inspiration and valuable experiences that you will take home. We are committed to continuing to build strong emotional bonds with each congregation, because to us, you are more than just a guest – you are part of our family.